Town scheduling additional Council meeting for 2020 Budget

by Morinville News Staff
with files from Colin Smith

Mayor Barry Turner has requested that a Special Committee of the Whole Meeting be held in Council Chambers on Monday, November 25, 2019, at 5:30 p.m. for the purpose of discussing
the 2020 Operating Budget and 2020-2039 Long Range Capital Plan and the topic of Recreational Service Tax Levies.

The absence of Councillor Nicole Boutestein from Council’s Nov. 12 meeting lead to Council pushing second reading of the 2020 Budget to Nov. 26.

Councillor Stephen Dafoe noted that having only six of seven Council members in attendance could mean tie votes, in which case the motion proposed would be defeated.

Dafoe noted, given the likely controversial nature of some deletions and additions from the Budget, it was essential to have a clear majority on those decisions.

Other Councillors said they would like to have the views of Boutestein, one of the most experienced Councillors, as part of the discussions.

The Budget was given Second Reading, and then Dafoe moved that it be referred for discussion to the regular Council meeting on Nov. 26, which passed unanimously.

Councillor Sarah Hall brought forward a motion arising to hold an extra meeting to discuss the Budget before Second Reading, prompting the additional Nov. 25 Committee of the Whole meeting.

At First Reading, the 2020 Budget reflects at 3% residential increase in taxes and 12% on non-residential taxes.

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