Government looking for input on daylight savings time

by Morinville News Staff

Two years after the NDP voted against scrapping daylight savings time, the United Conservative Party are taking another look at it. The government has launching an online survey to gather feedback about the observation of daylight saving time in Alberta.

“We know people have strong opinions about changing their clocks twice a year, and we want to hear them,” said Service Alberta Minister Nate Glubish in a media release Tuesday. “As more Canadian provinces and territories and some American states are having discussions about this, it’s important that we hear from Albertans.”

The online survey will be open until Tuesday, Dec. 10. Albertans can visit to share their opinions.

“The practice of changing our clocks twice a year is largely done only in western Europe and North America,” Glubish said. “Earlier this year, the EU voted to abolish seasonal time changes by 2021. In North America, we’re seeing provincial and state governments table and pass legislation to do the same. It’s time for Alberta to have a serious conversation about this.”

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  1. Do they want our opinion on their corrupt bullshit? Like firing the guy investigating Randy’s sham of a win?

    Would they like our opinion on moving pensions without asking?

    Because here’s my answer… Fuck you.

    • Mr McLean…A point… using foul language does nothing but show your intellectual capacity. And in using foul language, the actual point you are trying to make gets lost.

  2. I do not understand all the commotion around time changes. Loose an hour sleep. Gain an hour sleep. Spring ahead. Fall back. Big deal. Not very complicated but more of a hassle is changing my clocks.

    If they decide on daylight savings time have schools start an hour later from November to April.

    If loss of sleep once a year is a concern then I suggest people quit staying up late.

    If having to reset your clock twice a year is a problem then perhaps changing batteries more often and install an uninterrupted power supply are solutions.

    A big thank you to the government for asking for my input though. I feel much better and get more sleep knowing my views are important to you.

    • Follow B.C. move to have summer time all year. I love the light in the evenings.

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