Letter: Re Daylight Savings Time

This proposal was floated by the NDP before.

I was privelidged to speak before the standing committee at the Legislature on Sept. 12, 2017.

Those points, and all the other points expressed are available online in the transcripts of same.

The story I believe is noteworthy is the UCP MLA opposition at the time, yet here they are exploring a populist notion. It will be interesting to watch if the NDP are now opposed on principal.

At the time, I opposed based on the dangers of school kids being dropped off at school [in] the dark. One only needs to watch traffic any school day currently that 30 minutes before until the bell to see the potential.

I am still confused in today’s environment support for something proven to increase utility usage and carbon increase by 1% (even conceded by NDP)

I was shocked when school teachers were interviewed, on radio, stating they didn’t even know why it was instituted in the first place. Unconsionable.

Regarding the “ kids are tired” on monday.

Then move the date to one of the many 3, 4,and 5-day weekends the teachers take, or coincide with their pro d day, etc.

Re the comments that it’s so much trouble to turn clocks back.

I’m a senior, and even I only have two clocks left that don’t change themselves. And they are decorative, not necessary.

Should this push through, as so much populist measures do, I would at least hope they choose the current time in the winter for school safety vs the longer evening for backyard parties.

Alan Otway

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  1. If it’s a safety issue for kids in school we should pick whichever time is best for that and stick with it year round. It’s not really a major issue switching the clocks back and forth, it’s just annoying and really seems unnecessary.

  2. Here is an option for the safety of children going to school: Spring for daylight savings time then they will start schools 1 hour later from November to April.

    I do not understand all this hoopla about daylight savings time. Spring back, fall ahead – big deal. Or is it spring ahead fall back? I lost and gained sleep while springing for 66 years. Loosing an hour sleep once a year hurt less than all the times I chose to stay up late. In the spring I never noticed the 1 hour gain in sleep. I get enough practice setting the few clocks that still require it when there is a power outage or the battery dies.

    Nice of the government to encourage the facade that they actually value our input but a waste of time and money.

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