Alberta RCMP pen Christmas parody song to educate public about holiday thieves

The Alberta RCMP are reminding residents about mail theft under the #FavoriteThings hashtag.

Mail theft is high this time of year. December 2018 saw approximately 130 mail thefts while January had more than 120. In all of 2018, there were close to 1,000 mail thefts in Alberta RCMP jurisdiction.

Police say getting reports and calls of suspicious activity play an important role in their investigations.

Albertans are urged to check their mail every day, especially during the Christmas season. If shopping online, plan to be home when packages are delivered or arrange to pick up items from a secure location. If away, arrange for someone to check your mail or use Canada Post’s Hold Mail service.

Police say it’s important to track online purchases because scammers often send emails requesting payment for delivery fees or overdue payments. Canada Post will never send an email requesting money for parcels not delivered.

Below is the RCMP parody song:

Parcels on porches and shipments not hidden.
Dark unlit doorsteps and zero cares given.
Expensive packages tied up with strings.
These are a few of thieves’ favourite things.

Big branded boxes and gift cards a plenty.
Letters and parcels and presents so many.
Free and unguarded, yes, all of your blings.
These are a few of thieves’ favorite things.

Postboxes not checked and cash in the mail
Sending financials is an epic fail
Shopping on websites and all that this brings
These are a few of thieves’ favourite things.

Yards with full landscapes with no open sightlines
Boxes that stay on your step are a goldmine
Leaving the lights off? It’s not bright like Spring.
These are a few of thieves’ favourite things.

When it’s sketchy
Please report it
We really will be glad
Just simply remember our favourite things
And mail theft won’t be so bad

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