Higher Grounds selling items from Mozambique to help literacy program

by Stephen Dafoe

Higher Grounds and the Father’s House are partnering with SAM Ministries to help Mozambique. The local coffee shop recently began selling handcrafted items made in the county.

“It is to support the literacy program there. They say that 80 per cent of the women in Mozambique are illiterate,” said Higher Grounds Manager Liz Melvin,” adding 100 per cent of proceeds goes back to the program in Mozambique. “The reason that we are carrying this stuff … is to give them a job, not just the women, but the men who choose to sew as well. Any money left over goes into the supplies for literacy.”

Melvin said the shop is carrying the items as the items become available to them. Currently, the shop is selling aprons, placemats, table runners, pot holders, stuffed animals, and other items. Prices run from $5 to $25.

Recently, two Father’s House pastors travelled to Mozambique to work with SAM Ministries.

“Pastor Greg Fraiser and Pastor Matty Copin from Bon Accord went over to Mozambique and spent two or three weeks and got to see it hands-on,” Melvin said, adding that SAM Ministries is holistic in their approach. “They’re not just throwing money at an issue. They’re really teaching them how to survive … and be self-sustaining.”

Melvin said the items make a great Christmas gift. She is hoping Morinville, and area residents will continue to show their generosity by supporting the program.

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