7 p.m. cut off for door-to-door sales among changes to Business Licence Bylaw

by Colin Smith

People selling from a mobile unit are now regulated under Morinville’s Business Licence Bylaw.

An updated version of the bylaw, originally passed in 2011, was approved by Town Council at its regular meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 10. Council also adopted a new Youth Business Licence Bylaw.

Among amendments to the bylaw are those covering Mobile Business Units, defined as a motor vehicle, temporary structure or display, or stand from which a business is carried on.

Anyone seeking a licence to do business from a Mobile Business Unit must have a valid development permit to operate at a specific location, although these are temporary, and units may not remain in place overnight.

The Business Licence Inspector most confirm the location before the business begins operating. The unit can be relocated after notice given in writing and confirmation by the inspector.

Another amendment puts in place stricter provisions for the licences available to hawkers or peddlers who sell door-to-door and do not have a permanent place of business in Morinville.

They are now restricted to calling on residents between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m, and must heed on-site signage – such as that stating “No Soliciting.”

A new provision of the bylaw states that the Business Licence Inspector may at any time impose additional conditions on a new or existing business licence regarding to nuisances or to ensuring compliance with authorizations from the Town or other authority.

Business licences are mainly issued on an annual basis, although daily hawker/peddler licences and temporary licences are also issued. The schedule of fees charged for the various licences has been taken out of the Business Licence Bylaw and added to Fees and Charges Bylaw.


Among those who do not require a business licence under the bylaw are holders of a Youth Business Licence.

This licence is now available to people under the age of 18 following the adoption by Town Council of the Youth Business Licence Bylaw.

There is no fee for a Youth Business Licence, and they are not obligatory. There is no intention to put restrictions on young people doing casual jobs such as snow shovelling and babysitting.

The aim of making the licences available is to encourage the entrepreneurial efforts of Morinville youth, providing a sense of independence and responsibility, while giving access to business information, including the Town of Morinville’s business directory.
Also, other agencies, including Alberta Health Services, require municipal licenses for their approvals.

Youth Business Licences can be obtained by applying to the Town’s Business Licence Inspector. Further information is available at https://www.morinville.ca/en/doing-business/business-licences.aspx or by telephone at 780-939-4361.

Adoption of the Youth Business Bylaw followed an unsuccessful attempt by Councillor Stephen Dafoe to have its provisions incorporated into the general Business Licence Bylaw.

Dafoe argued that it would accord with the aim of reducing the number of Town bylaws where possible.

Other councillors felt that incorporating the youth licence information into the Business License Bylaw could be intimidating and confusing.

Dafoe’s motion was defeated 6-1.

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