Four Winds Public School looking to build a community playground

by Lucie Roy

Four Winds Public School (FWPS) Council Jennifer Anheliger made a presentation to Town of Morinville Council at their Regular Meeting held Dec. 10.

Anheliger said the doors to the FWPS will open on Jan. 6 for more than 300 Grades 5-9 students, and they currently do not have a playground in place.

FWPS Council, FWPS Administration and the playground company Playquest have started a draft concept for the playground.

At this point, they have confirmed a $250,000 Provincial Playground Grant, $10,000 in Fundraising and a pending $30, 0000 Alberta Recycling Management Authority (ARMA) Grant. They are proposing a volunteer build in an attempt to save $25,000.

They continue to fundraise and look for additional grants and are hoping to start the project in the spring once the ground thaws. The ultimate goal is to finish the project before the end of the school year.

The full cost of the proposed project is just under $350,000, and they are asking the town to partner on this community park with in-kind labour and equipment.

If they do not receive the grant, they are short $60,000 on the project, and the contingency is to do the project in phases, although that is not the preference.

The school is located at 545 Grandin Drive. The intent is to utilize the space on both the east and west side of the school as it is already prepared for development.

The east side playground concept will be a more of the traditional park with motion play features and have an entirely poured in rubber surface. The center of the park will have a 20-foot climbing structure.

The west side will have a 1300 sq. ft. area, which will also have a full poured in rubber surface, is to be a fitness park.

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