Province allowing liquor and cannabis shops to be open Christmas Day

by Morinville News Staff

Christmas spirit and a green Christmas are taking on a new meaning this year. Albertans will be able to buy liquor and cannabis on Christmas day.

The Government of Alberta has updated AGLC policies to allow retail liquor and cannabis venues and minors-prohibited establishments (class A licensees) to operate on Christmas Day.

The government sees the move as another effort to cut red tape and an opportunity to support AGLC licensees in making business decisions that make sense to them.

Minors-prohibited establishments are venues where youth under the age of 18 years are prohibited and where liquor service is the primary source of business.

The province previously contemplated allowing bars and pubs to be open on Christmas Day back in 2014.

Christmas opening for liquor, cannabis and minor-prohibited establishments is optional.

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    • Jaaki Leslie Chatry when I worked at WEM over 20 years ago it was always up to the business weather they wanted to be open or closed on Christmas most chose not to

  1. I bet the owners won’t be the ones manning the counters. These are low paying customer service jobs that will take loved ones away from their families. Too bad.

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