Alberta RCMP urging winter vacation planning in light of break-and-enters

by Morinville News Staff

There were more than 430 residential break-and-enters in Alberta RCMP jurisdictions in January of 2019, and more than 4,850 from January to November. Alberta RCMP are advising Albertans to add home and property security to their winter vacation planning this year.

Alberta RCMP are encouraging those heading out on holidays to use Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) to make property less appealing to criminals. Police recommend.

Install timers on lights, disconnecting power to garage doors, and invest in home security systems.

Aside from obvious common-sense measures like locking all windows and doors, they recommend having someone shovel the driveway and having someone check the mail or use a hold mail service while away.

Police also caution about posting holiday photos on social media while on vacation,

You can follow RCMP social media accounts on Facebook (@RCMPinAlberta), Twitter (@RCMPAlberta) and YouTube (RCMP-GRC Alberta) for more home security and crime prevention tips.

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