Sanitary trunk line to be repaired by spring

by Colin Smith

Council also approved the Sanitary Trunk Line Rehabilitation – 101 Avenue project at a cost of up to $275,000.

According to a report prepared for Council by Iain Bushell, Interim Director, Public Works, the project stems from a June 25, 2019 break in the sanitary trunk line eight metres below 101 Avenue.

The line became plugged between two manholes, which resulted in flooding of the Heritage Lodge basement, causing significant damage.

Following repairs to the broken section of pipe, Public Works did a CCTV inspection of the remainder of the sanitary trunk line. The inspection showed that the 42-year-old reinforced concrete pipe had deteriorated from the action of hydrogen sulphide gas.

The deterioration in much of the line can be dealt with through planned maintenance, but three sections of pipe had deteriorated to the point of being in danger of collapse.

Restoring these sections will involve a technique in which a felt liner saturated with epoxy is pulled into them, then inflated to produce a new smooth rigid pipe.

The Town received two quotes on the work and the Administration selected that of Insituform, for an estimated cost of $206,500, which is valid for 60 days. The other quote was $343,000.

Manhole repairs will require another $25,000, for a subtotal of $231,000. Adding a 20% contingency fund, $43,500, brings the budgeted cost to just short of $275,000.

“It is important to note that the cost to reline the three sections of pipe is significantly cheaper than the cost to do one spot repair in the event of another pipe failure,” stated Bushell’s report.

The Sanitary Capital Reserve will provide the funding for the project. The balance in the fund at the end of 2019 was $1.96 million.

The work is to be completed by March 31.

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