UCP and NDP pleased with FCA ruling on Trans Mountain Pipeline

by Morinville News Staff

The $7.4 million Trans Mountain pipeline expansion will move ahead following the Federal Court of Appeal’s (FCA) dismissal of a challenge launched by four British Columbia First Nations last year.

Premier Jason Kenney called the FCA’s decision as a victory for common sense and the rule of law.

“We are pleased the Federal Court of Appeal made a fair decision,” Kenney said in a statement Tuesday. “This ruling confirms what we’ve known all along: the Trans Mountain expansion project has been held to the highest standard at every turn.”

Kenney said now that the legal hurdle is cleared, it is time to get the pipeline built to produce the billions of dollars in economic prosperity for Canadians Kenney sees the project creating.

“While we respect the opinion of those who have voiced opposition to the project, the fact is the majority of First Nations communities – and the majority of Canadians – want to share in the economic benefits of responsible resource development,” Kenney said. “That’s demonstrated by the 58 mutual benefit agreements that Trans Mountain has signed with Indigenous communities across Alberta and British Columbia.”

Kenney went on to say he appreciated the FCA’s clarity in their
the decision that the duty to consult does not equal a veto.

“This marks an important milestone for TMX, but we won’t get ahead of ourselves. Completion of construction remains the one true measure of success. We will hold our celebrations until oil is flowing through the pipeline,” Kenney said.

NDP Leader Rachel Notley said her party was also pleased the Federal Court of Appeal ruled in favour of the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion.

“We know that this project is a vital plank in the plan to reconstruct Alberta’s economy and restore jobs to Alberta families,” Notely said, adding her party when in government had advocated for the pipeline.

“That is why we worked so hard to change national opinion, why we stood up to BC when they threatened it, and why we pressured the federal government to buy the pipeline when it was in jeopardy,” Notley said. “Today, the project is in play, and that is good news for Alberta.”

While applauding the FCA’s decision, Notley took aim at Kenney’s UCP government and its focus on one economic sector.

“The UCP are abandoning the need to diversify by cancelling important support and incentives and by characterizing diversification as a ‘luxury for another time.’ Their $4.7 billion handout to big corporations is an antiquated, failed strategy that has been associated with 50,000 job losses since its implementation in June 2019,” Notley said, adding that Albertans deserve better.

The Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion, purchased by the Trudeau government for $4.5 billion in 2018, will triple the capacity of the existing pipeline between Alberta and B.C.

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