Letter: Possible improvements to snow removal

I appreciate that the town’s snow removal team is more efficient each year.

I would suggest a few things to look into for planning next year

1. Put times on the signs for earliest snow removal will begin. Parking blocks away when the forecast for temps in minus 25 and lower is a risk when not plugging in. With the current rash of catalytic converter thefts, this is also a concern.

2. Instead of a neighborhood blocked off in entirety, side streets and alleys included, perhaps two neighborhoods east / west, followed by north / south. This could even be odd /even days, allowing parking nearer home and plugin.

3. Main streets such as 100th that will end up lined with cars need cuts through snowbanks so people don’t need to walk the row in the dark out on the road when leaving or returning to their cars.

Remember, some people have their kids in car seats, and multiple children, who can’t exit when parked in close to [the] snowbank.

I am the first to challenge cost efficiency from the town. But damage, calling a towtruck, or injury and lawsuits cost taxpayers money as well.

Alan Otway

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  1. I have to say that this year, the snow removal in Morinville is dismal to say the least! Waiting two weeks after a snowfall to remove snow is not the answer. And when the snow is finally removed, some snow is pushed up on the sidewalks thereby blocking the walking area for pedestrians and then it becomes a homeowners responsibility. Not acceptable. Also, in many areas of town, homeowners are using their snow blowers to blow snow out on the streets, creating humps that can lead to loss of control of a vehicle. There must be a better solution to this situation.

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