Province seeking input on auto insurance reform

by Morinville News Staff

The Government of Alberta is seeking input on ways to improve Alberta’s automobile system, and Albertans have until Mar. 6 to take part in an online survey.

Industry data shows Albertans pay the third-highest rates for auto insurance in Canada, behind B.C. and Ontario.

The UCP says they launched a three-member review committee last fall in the hopes of addressing escalating costs and to create solutions that would ensure long-term, affordable, accessible and sustainable auto insurance options.

“As we review Alberta’s automobile insurance system, we are asking Albertans, service providers and other relevant stakeholders to be part of the potential solution,” Chris Daniel, chair, Automobile Insurance Advisory Committee. “A thorough understanding of consumer and industry needs will help ensure our recommendations to the government are realistic and reflective of the marketplace as a whole.”

The committee’s work is guided by looking for fair, accessible and affordable automobile insurance for Albertans; timely and appropriate outcomes when claims are made; a private-sector delivery model for automobile insurance; and a viable and sustainable automobile insurance system.

The online survey runs until Mar. 6 and can be accessed at

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  1. Maybe had they left the cap in place, there wouldn’t need to be an overhaul. The ‘overhaul’ the United Clown Posse wants, is to line the pockets of the companies who donated to them. Another sham ‘panel’ to distract from massive job losses, cuts to education/healthcare and their $4.7 Billion corporate welfare handout.

  2. It appears that they are trying to take away the right to sue an at fault driver for costs beyond what is immediately provided by the insurance company. The ‘reform’ is to increase profits and reduce payments on claims for insurance companies, not to provide any benefit to Albertans. I’m sure that comes as no surprise.

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