Sturgeon-St. Albert Annexation sub-committee continue to work on negotiations

by Morinville News Staff

The City of St. Albert and Sturgeon County’s Annexation Negotiating Sub-Committee met Feb. 14, the second time this year, to discuss the City’s proposed annexation of a portion of land from Sturgeon County. The Annexation Committee is a subset of the Intermunicipal Affairs Committee (IAC), which is made up of all members of both Councils.

Seventeen days after the meeting, the two municipalities sent a press release to local media saying the sub-committee continued to discuss the Preliminary Negotiated Annexation boundary and the jurisdiction of boundary roads.

“We are continuing to work together and discuss opportunities for both the City and the County during this process,” said St. Albert Councillor Ray Watkins, Chair of the Annexation Negotiating Sub-Committee, in the Mar. 2 media release.

In the same release, Sturgeon County Mayor Alanna Hnatiw said they are making progress and working through the steps of the annexation process together. “The dialogue becomes more defined each time we meet,” Hnatiw said.

Annexation negotiations started in December of 2017. The next meeting of the Annexation Negotiating Sub-Committee is March 20, 2020.

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  1. The municipal government act needs to change so that communities can prevent annexation or secede (called separatism in Canada).

    Large cities should not be allowed to take over rural areas just because those areas are urbanizing. Why can’t Sturgeon control urban areas? Parkland County does.

    As for secession, maybe some neighbourhoods in St. Albert are fed up with living in the snottiest community in Alberta and want to leave?

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