NDP going to war over War Room

by Morinville News Staff

Alberta’s NDP plan to put forward an amendment Wednesday to defund the UCP’s war room during the debate of the Energy Ministry’s budget.

The NDP charge Jason Kenney and the UCP are making deep cuts to services, education, post-secondary, and health care, and that the Premier admitted Tuesday that his cuts amount to over 14 per cent across the board.

The Official Opposition are opposed to the UCP maintaining the War Room’s annual funding of $30 million in light of what it calls a series of blunders that have embarrassed Alberta rather than promote the oil and gas industry.

“If the UCP is looking to find savings, the solution is hiding in plain sight,” said NDP Energy Critic Irfan Sabir. “Since its inception, the Canadian Energy Centre has had a number of missteps that have hurt its credibility and cast doubt on its ability to deliver on its mandate.

“I can’t see any value the UCP’s war room has provided to Albertans. That money would be better spent protecting services, making sure AISH and income support clients get their cheques on time, or reversing the cuts this government has imposed on Albertans and their families,” Sabir continued.

The NDP is critical of what it calls “a social media attack” on The New York Times last month that accused the Times of being biased and very dodgy.

Under parliamentary rules and procedures, MLAs may introduce amendments during budget estimates. Sabir’s amendment would reduce funding for the war room to $1,000, the lowest amount allowed.

The UCP hold 63 seats to the NDP’s 24.

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