Government of Alberta announces new measures for Albertans affected by COVID-19

by Morinville News Staff

The Government of Alberta says it is providing immediate financial assistance to Albertans affected by the COVID-19 crisis. The province says the new funding and supportive measures will provide immediate financial relief to Alberta’s families, vulnerable populations, local businesses and employers.

“Albertans are doing their part to keep each other safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19,” Premier Jason Kenney said. “We are doing ours by assisting Albertans and their families, protecting jobs and supporting workers and employers. We will help shelter Albertans from the economic disruption of COVID-19 now, and position Alberta’s industry and businesses to bounce back when the situation stabilizes. This is an initial set of measures, and more will follow in the days to come.”

Below is a verbatim listing from today’s press release:

Financial supports for Albertans

Albertans should be focused on their health and not worry about whether they can pay their bills, so the government has put a number of options in place for those struggling financially:

Emergency Isolation Support: $50 million

This will be a temporary program for working adult Albertans who must self-isolate because they meet the Government of Alberta’s published criteria for self-isolation, including persons who are the sole caregiver for a dependent who must self-isolate because they meet the public health criteria, and who will not have another source of pay or compensation while they are self-isolated.

It will be distributed in one payment installment and will bridge the gap until the federal emergency payments begin in April.

We expect the program to be accessible by a simple online application through next week and that funds will be deposited in the accounts of eligible recipients beginning at that time.

Utility payment holiday

Residential, farm, and small commercial customers can defer bill payments for the next 90 days to ensure no one will be cut off from these services during this time of crisis.

This will cover electricity and natural gas, regardless of the service provider.

Student loans repayment holiday

The government will implement a six-month, interest-free moratorium on Alberta student loan payments for all individuals who are in the process of repaying these loans.

Banks and credit unions

ATB Financial customers impacted by COVID-19

Personal banking customers can apply for a deferral on their ATB loans, lines of credit, and mortgages for up to six months.

Small business customers, in addition to payment deferrals on loans and lines of credit, will be provided access to additional working capital.

For other business and agriculture customers, ATB will work with customers on a one-on-one basis and further solutions are being considered at this time.

For more information on ATB’s relief program, please visit their website.

Alberta credit unions

Credit union members will have access to a variety of programs and solutions designed to ease difficulties with loan payments and short-term cash flow.

Both individual and business members are encouraged to proactively contact their credit union directly to work out a plan for their personal situation.


Alberta employers are facing significant challenges and uncertainty. To give them increased access to cash in order to pay employees, address debts and continue operations, the government will:

defer the collection of corporate income tax balances and installment payments, due after today, until Aug. 31, 2020. This gives Alberta businesses access to about $1.5 billion in funds to help them cope with the COVID-19 crisis.

Albertans, seniors, and vulnerable groups

Charitable and non-profit groups will immediately receive an additional $60 million to support seniors and other vulnerable populations disproportionately affected by COVID-19. This is in addition to the $3.9 billion for community and social services allocated in Budget 2020.

Health care for Albertans

The Government of Alberta has committed $500 million extra this year to respond to the public health crisis and to support front-line health professionals working to keep Albertans safe and healthy. This is in addition to the record-high $20.6 billion allocated for health care in Budget 2020. A further $58 million has been allocated to Alberta health care for COVID-19 response by the federal government.

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    • Actually I remember noting when it was brought up that the UCP never said paid. However right now extreme partisan viewpoints simply further aggravate people who are already under a ton of stress. As we all are. People under stress lash out. It’s important that we all do everything in our own power to keep stress levels, ours and others, manageable. High stress lowers immune systems. I would suggest armchair quarterbacking this one after the game is over.

    • Dustan McLean and if they did there will be a time to bring that up… like before an election. However right now it is not that time.the common enemy is illness… stick with that.

    • we don’t need divisive stress on top of illness stress, on top of employment stress on top of oil price stress… on top of of no TP for my bunghole stress… politicians fib… all politicians… all the time… but right now we should be more concerned with other more immediate concerns. you know me, you know my political leanings. It is not the time for this particular stick in the eye.

    • Thomas Kirsop and my company is losing $8k a day. With the BDC saying they’ll help every industry but ours. So if I’m stressed, you’re damn right. When I see O&G getting help time and time again, and nothing for our sector – my ass is going to be chapped.

      • Hi Dustan What is your company’s name and what type of business is it? Do you have a Website?

    • Dustan McLean You are not alone in that and I can say that from very close to the heart. However adding anger won’t fix it, or even make it slightly better. I am very focused on what I need to do “right now”. With contingency plans for “next week” and “The week after”. Any energy I spend that does not directly and immediately work towards those three items is wasted energy. There will be time for addressing other concerns, and it’s not like I’m not noting them.

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