Editorial: A Message From The publisher:

Over this past week, the Morinville News has published 53 articles (including this one) and made more than 100 Facebook posts to keep you informed on a local, regional, provincial and federal level.

We have, like those of us in this industry, never covered the shutting down of society. This situation is new to us, and we are working long hours, seven days a week, to keep you informed.

Still, we hear grumbling online and offline from people, “We want you to cover other stuff.”

Let’s be clear. Our purpose right now is to inform the public as quickly and as accurately as we can with the information people need to know.

We are not here for your entertainment right now. We’d recommend Netflix, Disney+, amazon Prime or network television for that level of diversion. We are here right now to inform you about an unfolding crisis.

If local hockey were happening, we’d be covering it, albeit from a distance. If school plays were happening, we’d be covering them as well. If community events were happening, we’d be telling you the who, what, when, where, why and how of it. If governments were meeting and debating issues and expenditures, we’d be telling you about that too.

But none of that is happening at present. Life has all but stopped for now.

Be assured; as life resumes to normal, we’ll be out there covering all of that stuff again in words and pictures.

Until then, we will continue to keep you informed for as long as we can continue to operate this publication.


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  1. I don’t know is moaning, but it isn’t me! Thank you (and the businesses that are sponsoring you) for keeping me informed. This customer appreciates your efforts.

  2. You are appreciated for all your outstanding efforts to keep us informed on the prevalent issues of this time.
    We each have a daily choice to Rise & Shine or Rise & Whine. I choose ☀️

  3. Thank you for all that you are putting out in order to keep
    Us informed. It’s disappointing to realize that you even have to explain your position! Please be encouraged that the quiet 95% far far outnumber the loud and proud 5%.

  4. Human nature & the intentional state of “self” at times can irritate to despair! Choosing how we respond speaks volumes, so keep doing as you feel compelled to do, it is after all your publication and to the negative Nellies & Nelsons out there well consider it white noise, fading into a background of nattering nothingness. Keep up the prompt, factual & consistent reporting, it is appreciated! 👍

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