NDP accuse UCP of failing to lead by example

by Morinville News Staff

Alberta NDP Labour Critic Christina Gray is accusing Premier Jason Kenney and the UCP government of putting thousands of public workers at risk by failing to implement a work-from-home plan.

Grey says Executive Council Deputy Minister Ray Gilmour sent a message to all public sector staff Mar. 17, after the province, declared a public state of [health] emergency, to “be prepared to start to work from home where operationally feasible.” Grey says it is not clear, a week later that any plan or direction has been communicated to thousands of non-essential public servants.

“The direction from the Chief Medical Officer of Health is clear — if you can stay home, you must do so,” Gray said. “While many employers are leagues ahead in directing their staff, the Government of Alberta is behind and it’s putting people at risk. Jason Kenney needs to ensure a plan is in place immediately.”

The NDP say workers have reached out to the party saying there is still no word on when work-from-home policies will be in place. Workers are allegedly being told to use vacation time or come into work during this outbreak.

The Opposition point to Saskatchewan, where a phased-in work-from-home plan began Monday. Thousands of non-essential civil servants and Crown corporation employees were given clear direction to be out of the office and working from home as the number of confirmed cases grows.

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