Morinville children celebrate their birthday with social distancing

– submitted photos

by Stephen Dafoe

A parade of cars ran up a Morinville road Tuesday morning, brightly decorated and honking a birthday greeting to two Morinville children, Jett, whose birthday was Tuesday, and Gemma, whose birthday is Mar. 29.

Mom Katelyn Kluthe told Morinville News that her daughter, who is turning 5, was upset because of the news that she wouldn’t be able to have a birthday party this year.

“It was very hard to explain to her why this couldn’t happen,” Kluthe said. “It’s very confusing for a preschooler. It’s a big loss for them. Jett wasn’t as upset because he just turned 3. He was just happy to have green pancakes and blow out a candle.”

But the lack of a birthday was more than made up for today as family and other locals, hearing about the children on a local social media page came, out for a honk and a socially distanced Happy Birthday.

“Today we had friends and family drive to our place with banners, cards, and some gifts and they sang happy birthday to both kids,” Kluthe said. “Today made up for it. The generosity we experienced today was amazing. They got to see some friends and family from a safe distance, and they got an all-day personal parade.”

Kluthe said the excitement of it all made both children feel loved.

“It made my day too because, as a parent, it’s hard to watch your kid heartbroken because they can’t see their family and friends the normal way and all together,” Kluthe said. “It definitely took away some of the stress of not being able to deliver a proper birthday party for my kids. We will just have to plan a big party when this virus blows over to make up for it all.”

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  1. This is a cute idea in theory but I imagine the people had to go out and by supplies to decorate their vehicles, which means more chances for exposure/passing the virus on.

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