Conservatives call out feds for sending protective equipment overseas

by Morinville News Staff

Conservative Party of Canada Leader Andrew Scheer is calling out the federal government for its decision to send personal protective equipment overseas last month during the COVID-19 outbreak.

“Today’s news is outrageous,” Scheer said in a media release. “Justin Trudeau needs to explain why he sent 50,118 face shields, 1,101 masks, 1,820 goggles, 36,425 medical coveralls, 200,000 nitrile gloves and 3,000 aprons from Canada’s own government reserves overseas in February.”

Scheer said the government was repeatedly warned by medical experts and the World Health Organization to prepare for a COVID-19 outbreak, but doctors and nurses across the country are now facing urgent shortages of critical supplies.

“The Canadian Medical Association has reported that its members are even having to consider using expired items,” Scheer said. “No front-line healthcare worker should be put at risk because of a lack of personal protective equipment.”

Scheer went on to say Trudeau must immediately explain to Canadians what impact the decision has on Canada’s reserve of critical personal protective equipment, and how the government is going to address the shortage of personal protective equipment immediately to ensure front-line healthcare workers have what they need to fight COVID-19. Scheer is also calling on Trudeau to tell Canadians when hospitals and front-line healthcare workers can expect critical supplies?

“Since the beginning of this crisis, Conservatives have been focused on Canadians and getting them the support they desperately need,” Scheer said. “We are working hard to hold the government to account and will continue to ask tough questions about the government’s response to COVID-19. Protecting the health and safety of Canadians will remain our top priority.”

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  1. Of course they would whine and twist reality. Canada has a long standing history of helping other nations. And we normally get helped back when needed. Aren’t the Conservatives a Christian based party? They should probably look into “love thy neighbor”…

    • Dustan McLean dustpan here you go again yapping off. He never stole from the party that’s a lie. He was allowed to do that so get your facts straight. Why did you not comment when the liberatards where trying to take over and be a dictator. I’m glad your happy for your grand kids who will be paying for his shit show.

    • No we donot recieve help back read your history. Trudeau consistently gives away canadian tax dollars cand is permenantly putting canada in debt.

  2. There’s no shame in doing our global duty to help other countries. Scheer grandstanding during a crisis is a sign of his national relevance.

    • I’m sure when the time comes China (who remember makes pretty much everything) will return the favour.

      Not sure when helping people out became such a problem.

    • It is not are duty to help the rest of the worldvespecially when we are going into massive debt due to china and trudeau majority of canadians do not want are tax money goung out of canada those that do are traitors

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