Letter: Library looking for help to help local senior

I have been looking for an electric typewriter for an elderly lady who would really like to write letters but cannot due to Parkinson’s tremors. The last time she worked in an office she used the “Selectric” and being elderly, she is not in a position to learn word processing and printer basics.

I have volunteered to help track down options for her and your name came to mind given your profession. Do you or anyone you know have a working typewriter you would be willing to lend, rent, sell or even give away?

Any help or leads would be much appreciated.


Library Assistant

Editor’s note: We are publishing this request in the hopes one of our readers can assist. If you can, please contact Beth at the library at 780-939-3292 or by email at librarian@morinvillelibrary.ca.

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  1. Thank you everyone. We have found a solution. All offers either through the comments, by phone and e-mails are much appreciated! Beth

  2. I would like to commend the Library…in particular Beth…. for taking on this task to help an individual!How fortunate we are to live in a community with people you care about other individuals and go out of their way to help them .we are so proud of our MorinvilleLibrary and all it’s staff , Thanks Beth!

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