Editorial: Here’s one way to help our local business community

There is no doubt the current crisis is affecting all Albertans, including our local business community. Apart from essential businesses that sell products we all need, many companies are closed to traffic and trying to stay afloat with curb service and delivery.

For several years, businesses have used social media, particularly Facebook, to promote their business and keep their customers and potential customers informed.

Sadly, the reality of the Facebook algorithm is that one out of eight followers will see any given post. It is a piece of info that we share with our clients, encouraging them always to be developing their follower base to improve the number of people that see their info.

But a business that has not built a following and has 400 followers can expect today’s post to hit roughly 50 of their 400 followers. If it does not get likes, comments, and shares, it will not likely rise above 50 people seeing it.

We can help change that with a click.

Morinville’s business community, as anyone in a non-profit or involved with a sports team knows, is generous in giving back to the community. Now it is our time to give back to them.

Yes, with so many Morinvillians now out of work, that may be hard to do financially. However, there is another way to help.

We are encouraging all of you who read this publication to look up local businesses on Facebook and follow their pages. Yes, you will start to see lots of local business posts, but look at all the crap that fills your feed now. Seriously, how many “What Were you In The Wild West?” posts do we need to see from our friends?

Share those local business pages and ask your friends to follow those pages as well. Share some of the business’ posts that you may think are relevant to your friends.

You can also like and comment on the posts, both of which make the post more relevant in the eyes of Facebook’s computers, resulting in more people seeing that information or special offer.

If we all put some effort into doing that, we will help strengthen our local business community’s social media presence and following, allowing them to get their message out to more people who may need their product or service. They need those messages out there now.

Below is a link to our Advertisers’ list where we have links to their Facebook pages. There is also a link to the Morinville & District Chamber of Commerce’s list of businesses open in Morinville. We encourage you to check that list as well and follow all or some of those pages.

It is a small thing, but something we can all do to help.

Morinville News Advertiser List & Facebook Links Plus Morinville Chamber Business List


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