Letter: Open lecture to governments

I’ve been biting my tongue for a bit now, and before I drown on the blood it’s time to say something.

Can you lot knock off the rhetoric? Just for say 60 days? Maybe 90?

The “Government” (which to be absolutely clear includes both of your parties) needs to focus on the issue at hand, which is the Novel Coronavirus and COVID-19. Not who did what last term, or last month, or last week, or even just before breakfast.

COVID-19. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. Until it’s over.

When it’s over you can go back to publicly eviscerating each other over what compared to the upcoming impacts, will be seen as relatively trivial. It’s bad enough your respective bases are busy ripping each other apart, but here is the thing; they can do that because they aren’t responsible for fixing anything. You lot are, and I have higher expectations.

If one of you breaks the law… the other should call for a head, if one of you are rude, or lose your temper in public? Then take note, focus on what needs to be done to fight COVID-19, and muck-rake later. You have more important things to do this week.

The populace needs unity. That unity is largely dependant on you lot at least pretending to get along for the common good. If you can’t do that, then you can’t expect the populace to do that. Politicians have understood this in every major calamity to this point.

I don’t like talking to politicians like I talk to my housebound kids. My kids aren’t fond of it either. However all four of them know in their bones when things go south, or if the house is on fire, do what mom and dad say and you have the best chance of getting through it with the least amount of damage possible.

You lot need to start instilling the same confidence in the populace. The “Government” (and again that’s the both of you) in a crisis should always be the leader. Not the squabbling teens.

I don’t expect you to like it, and when the cameras are off and no one is listening you can continue to call each other all the nasty names and point fingers all you want, but in the meantime, when you are in public, smarten the hell up and get your parties in lockstep.

Or we have no hope.

I don’t expect excuses or acquiescence. I expect an acknowledgment that your respective offices have received my concerns, and I hope to see a change in the public tone of the entirety of this government and it’s public face until this wee issue we all face is over.

Or else I’m going to write in “Joe Exotic” on my next ballot because if we are going to have a circus, I want some damned Tigers.

Thomas Kirsop
Morinville, Alberta

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  1. If only governments were like the Oilers
    They can’t all be Captain, and if they critisize others in public they don’t last long.
    And they all know they’re paid on their personal contribution each game.

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