Letter: Canada Day plans and social distancing sidewalks

I still have not heard anything about [the] cancellation of Canada Day festivals

We have rightfully decided to not risk the crowds, travel, and expense of the Olympics.

At the same time, federal expenditures on festivals, fireworks, etc., will draw all those things. If not cancelled now, Federal, Provincial, and Civic resources will be wasting time, energy, and funding on this.

I have spoken with Admin for the city. While I believe they are taking precautionary measures to protect costs in case of “last minute” cancellations, I am still of the mind that a single taxpayer dollar needlessly spent on a risky speculation is not worth the risk. The time spent by any staff currently should be directed to dealing with things like how we must adapt for the future. Example – the new sidewalk running from tracks to the new school and McDonald’s – is it planned to be wide enough to meet future social distancing recommendations that will surely be recommended?

July 1st is also “moving day” in Quebec. The majority of leases and rental agreements expire on this day, and hundreds of thousands of people gather to help friends and families to move.

Quebec is currently leading the country on confirmed cases and deaths. I have not heard anyone question the Prime minister on extension of these leases or rental agreements to perhaps September 1st

Alan Otway
Morinville, Alberta

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