Column: Working from home exercises

A lot of us have had to make the necessary move to start working from home. Working from home has some advantages. We can see our pets, kids, and partners whenever we like. We do not have to pack lunches and we don’t have to fight rush hour traffic to get to or from the office. We can even wear comfy sweatpants on the bottom and business casual attire on top!

Despite these advantages, often our home offices may not be as ergonomically set up as our offices at work. Also, our offices at home may not require us to get up and move as much as we should be. We have put together a few stretches to support you during this “work from home” time. Remember the stretches should be pain-free.

We also have videos of each of the exercises in the handout provided. If you would like access to these videos, contact us at so we can email you the program directly. If you have any questions, reach out! We would love to hear from you!

Andrea Eberhardt
Morinville Physical Therapy

You can download the pamphlet here.