Editorial: After 10 years, our time nears its end

We’ll come straight to the point of this editorial. The end of the line is nearing for MorinvilleNews.com and our other two websites.

For the past ten years, The Morinville News has provided responsible daily local news to Morinville and surrounding area through articles, opinion pieces, videos, and posts on our highly-popular Facebook page.

We’re appreciative of the handful of local businesses that supported us, understanding they were not merely buying advertising from us in so much as they were supporting an informed community by funding independent community news.

Apr. 30 marks our company’s year-end, and with revenues down by approximately 60% from last year due to a sagging economy and COVID-19 shutdowns, we have made the difficult decision to continue MorinvilleNews.com, MorinvilleNews.tv, and MorinvilleOnline.com purely on a month-to-month basis until we come out of the other side of this shutdown and see what the future holds for this publication.

Quite simply, if we have the revenue at the end of one month to produce content for the next month, we will continue to do so.

We look forward to continuing to serve this community and the many great people doing many great things.

But to do that, we must have the revenue to do so.

We’ve set up a page on our website where you can buy ad space or become a patron of this publication with a one-time or ongoing donation.

For 10 years we have been here for the community and business community. Now we need the community and business community to be here for us.


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  1. Absolutely love getting the Morinville News every day , I hope in some way you can find a solution and Thank You

  2. At the risk of offending well wishers of this publication its important to point out that this is a cash call from a beneficial community business. MorinvilleNews.com needs money to continue not well wishes. (Although also welcome)
    SO!!! If you can join me, in going to their website and making a donation to someone who has donated tonnes to our community.
    Count me in for $100. Challenge others to match.

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