Letter: Appreciative of action on skate park

I was at the Skate Park earlier today [Wednesday] and saw someone put up a fence around the skate park. Thank you Town Council for enforcing the decision that was made during Council meeting I think around the 15th; solves a lot of confusion people had about the park.

Someone had posted multiple posters/flyers of the Chinese flag zip-tied to the fence at the Skate Park.

I myself wasn’t sure if I was to contact Bylaw or not and reached out to the Moms Group on Facebook here in town.

I not only called Bylaw, but within like 30 minutes of the call and post, a member of council had personally gone out of her way to go there and remove the posters and informed the CAO and protective services were notified.

I didn’t know if this is something newsworthy but figured it might be a talking point for a note to not only remember tolerance but as a huge kudos from the council members I dealt with to get this resolved and that it isn’t tolerated.

Jo Otway

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