Our Morinville: Sister Alice Trottier on life in Morinville and her book Faith & Tenacity

Last summer, the Morinville News partnered with the Morinville Historical and Cultural Society to sit down with some of Morinville’s older residents to talk about what life in the community was like when they were growing up.

This interview, with 97-year-old Sister Alice Trottier, author of the book Faith and Tenacity, looks at her time growing up in Morinville, studying to be a nun, teaching school in the area, and the researching and writing of her book on Morinville’s first 100 years.

Some of the language in the short film outdated cultural terminology.

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  1. Such a nice interview with a very special lady. Sr. Alice was always so very kind and caring — was great to see her again.

  2. Very interesting to see Sr. Alice. She worked very hard at producing her history book and was very meticulous to try to get it all correct. She was our school principal for many years at Thibault School which became our G.P. Vanier School. Very nice lady!

  3. Great interview and what a great lady she is. Loved her as our school principal. So kind and loving.

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