MCHS staff create music video encouraging students and families to be brave

by Morinville News Staff

Administrative staff, teachers, and support staff from Morinville Community High School joined together to create a video to the song Brave by Sara Bareilles, sharing it with students and their families Tuesday.

“The goal is to let the school’s community know how much the staff are thinking about them and miss them in these challenging times and to encourage students to keep ‘being brave,’ as we all get through this together,” said Rudy A. Zacharias, manager of Community Engagement and Communications.

With teaching and learning being so different during the pandemic, the school’s admin staff, teachers and support staff wanted to get people’s minds off current events and give students and families something to make them smile a little.

“The project came about when we went into online classes and saw how tired everyone was from this mode of education,” Zacharias said in an email. “It was obvious that everyone is tired and stressed, and this is our way to give everyone a chance of pace from what we normally do.”

The project involved every staff member, every teacher, and every education assistant. Even the Division Chaplain, and the GSACRD Voice team joined the production.

“We are very proud that everyone participated. From start to finish, it took about two weeks, including the time to obtain permission from the publisher to use the song,” Zacharias said.

The school felt the more they can show that they care, the more supported everyone can feel.

“Everyone can use a little bit of extra support during this time, and we are hopeful that our video did that for people,” Zacharias said.

Response to the video, which you can watch above, has been positive thus far.

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