Sturgeon County joining Regional Transit Commission as advisory member

by Morinville News Staff

Sturgeon County Council has decided to transition its role on the Regional Transit Services Commission (RTSC) to an advisory membership, effective immediately. That decision, the County says, will let the County weigh-in on key issues without a formalized voting or financial requirement.

“While we recognize the value of regional collaboration and joint exploration of transit efficiencies, we want to make sure that our role within these forums reflects current community priorities,” said Sturgeon County Mayor Alanna Hnatiw in a media release Tuesday. “It’s great to be at the table and to have a voice but at present, our transit service needs are significantly less than some of our neighbouring municipalities.”

Sturgeon County was one of 13 municipalities that committed to a 2019 business case that examined transit options for the region’s commuters. Recently, Edmonton Metropolitan Regional board members were asked to decide if they would join a regional transit commission.

After discussion, Sturgeon says it has decided to stay involved with the project in a capacity.

“There is no doubt that public transportation plays a vital role in facilitating connections and enhancing mobility,” said Regional Transit Services Commission Chair Wes Brodhead. “We are pleased with Sturgeon County’s continued involvement to be a part of these important discussions to ensure there is representation across the metro region and appreciate their unique needs.”

Municipalities that have voted to join the RTSC in a voting capacity, including the Town of Morinville, will sponsor a joint proposal to the Government of Alberta to establish the Commission through provincial regulation.

Once that is established, public engagement will take place within involved municipalities.

Morinville is also investigating a pilot project between St. Albert and Morinville during peak times to help determine potential transit usage.

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