Letter: Seniors and the Prime Minister

This week the Prime Minister was asked if a one time $300 benefit and $200 more if on guaranteed income assistance was enough.

The Prime Minister responded:

“If a senior is making less than $1,000 per month, they can apply for the CERB.”

Think about that. He is acknowledging that after a lifetime of paying taxes, supporting and building this nation, there are Seniors getting less than $1,000 per month.

Under his watch. Since “it’s 2015”

Alan Otway

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  1. This is so false and uninformed it’s not even funny.

    Old age security.
    Guaranteed income supplement.

    The OAS and gis Combine to ensure a minimum income.

    For a senior in Alberta there is the additional seniors benefit.

  2. Jennifer
    With due respect. I am aware of the benefits in Alberta.
    Justin Trudeau is Prime Minister of Canada.
    If you will research the minimums by province, take into account some people had no altenative but to take pension at 60, and many lived in areas where work and therefore income is seasonal, you will find Alberta is not the top, but also not the bottom.


  3. What a ridiculous letter… full of absolute horseshit. But that’s ok – the writer knows a certain group enjoys eating shit and living in the dark.

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