Letter: County roads need improvement

I wanted to share a few photos with you and a little description of the terrible road conditions here in Sturgeon County.

In my tax paying opinion, I think the roads should be in way better condition and maintained much better than they have been this spring.

There should be no reason that two days of rain caused some county roads to close, blocking access to people’s homes and making the driving conditions downright scary. The roads that were not closed are barely drivable.

I find this unacceptable.

They have not contacted me back regarding several concerns and complaints I have left via phone and their fancy system.

I know these are trying times, but [for] those who are essential workers (such as myself), this has to be remedied.

I think there is a lot of room for improvement. Maybe they need to contact some experts on gravel road maintenance because there are many counties in this province doing a better job.

Brandy Roy
Sturgeon County

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  1. I got stuck in the middle of range toad 250 only 1 mole north of highway 37. So sick of the driving conditions!

  2. I totally agree with this letter, we are on RR245 & TWP562 I went out today for the first time since Thursday. I own a van and I was getting stuck Thursday on 245 on my way home from a doctors appointment so I was stuck at home all weekend as the roads were undrivable for us. My biggest worry as well with this is my husband is terminally ill and he has issues that need him taken in by ambulance, how is an ambulance supposed to get down roads like that. I know some will say why be in the country then, the answer to that is because we cannot afford a place in Morinville on our limited income. We were in town till February when my hours were cut at work then laid off, our rent here is half of what we were paying there and anywhere else was to high or wouldn’t accept pets.

    • Kevin Harling perhaps you could explain HOW exactly commercial vehicles are abusing gravel roads ??? Particularly when farm tractors and the equipment they drag along behind are HEAVIER than a highway tractor with super b tankers. So tell me please, WHAT COMMERCIAL vehicles do you think are the cause of the bad roads in sturgeon county?????? Oh, and so you are aware – Twnship Rd 562 is a TRUCK ROUTE.

    • Alison Richmond-Grozli that’s my worry to if my son had a bad bleed from his hemophilia I’m screwed if we needed to rush him into Edmonton

  3. To the Morinville News – thank you VERY much for posting this person’s letter. HERES HOPING that with MORE media attention the County actually thinks of doing more than applying a band aide on an ever worsening situation. And on that note – although we DO NOT get to speak to managers at the Transportation/Road department of Sturgeon County – The people ‘fielding the calls” – the front line people are doing THE BEST they can for a person when you call in AGAIN and AGAIN to log a complaint. THANK YOU to the ladies on the front line of the road dept.

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