Area residents encouraged to take action on Clean Air Day

Fort Air Partnership, an organization that continuously monitors and reports on outdoor air quality in and around the Industrial Heartland, is hoping area residents will take time on June 3, Clean Air Day, to reflect on the value of clean air activities individuals can do that impact air quality.

“While local air quality is at a low risk to health most of the time in our Airshed, Clean Air Day gives us a chance to think about the steps we can all take to help maintain and even improve the quality of our local air,” said Fort Air Partnership Executive Director Nadine Blaney.

The Partnership is suggesting walking, riding a bicycle instead of driving a car as ways area residents can lessen the impact on air quality on that day and in general. They also recommend choosing air-friendly products, not idling parked vehicles, using less energy by turning down thermostats and air conditioners, and shutting off lights when they are not needed as other ways to improve air quality.

On June 3, Fort Air Partnership is encouraging area residents to support Clean Air Day by taking at least one of the above actions.

Fort Air Partnership information, along with a daily and forecast AQHI, a way to gauge the quality of outdoor air, is available to the public at

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