Roadwork overlap a necessary frustration, Town says

by Colin Smith

Much needed work on Morinville streets is now underway, but some residents think it’s too much of a good thing.

Alberta Transportation crews have begun doing remedial work on Main Street 9100 Avenue), where an inadequate chip seal paving job has been the source of complaints for months

Grinding off the chip seal and then be re-paving Highway 642 east of the rail crossing to East Boundary Road is expected to take three weeks, depending on the weather.

With the highway reduced to one lane in each direction, motorists are facing delays.

Parking may also be restricted when work is being done on adjacent driving lanes.

Meanwhile, contractors for the Town are also working on improvements to 100 Street, south of the tracks.

The project includes traffic light installation, dedicated turning lanes at Westwinds Drive and a pedestrian multiway on the west side of the road from the rail crossing to 90 Avenue.

Several people commenting on photos posted on’s Facebook page suggested that work on two projects should have been coordinated and staggered to reduce traffic disruption.

According to Morinville Communications Coordinator Tracy Dalzell-Heise, Alberta Transportation had stated the Highway 642 project would begin very early in the construction season. The Town was given about a week’s notice of the actual start of the project.

The work on 100 Street, approved by Council in February, is expected to take three months. It must be completed prior to the opening of the new St. Kateri Tekawitha Academy school in September.

“With the large scope of the signalization project, these projects most likely would have overlapped regardless of their start date,” said Dalzell-Heise. “We know that this is frustrating in the short term for all residents and businesses.

“It has been a long wait for this fix to Highway 642, one that the majority of residents will be very happy to finally see done.  And the signalization project is integral to the growth of our community, and will certainly make access to the new school easier and safer.”

Contractor for the estimated $2.65 million project is Standard General Inc.

A Town of Morinville statement said the company has “committed to performing this work in the most expedient and efficient manner possible while endeavouring to minimize any inconvenience to Morinville residents.”

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  1. I hope people aren’t actually complaining about this. Both of these constructions projects are very much needed and we have been waiting for them. I am ok with the inconvenience of a ‘longer’ commute if it means our roads are going to be better/safer

  2. I agree that the road work does need to be done.

    My concern is over the fact that for years, the road by McDonald’s leading to Tim’s has been needing to be redone (even just putting in a full proper sidewalk), and NOTHING was done until months before a new school is about to open.

    The moment they zoned that area for schools, businesses or any kind of development is when the construction should have started (and even now, there should still BE LIGHTS where the Tim’s is as there are still bad accidents there).

  3. I’m not going to complain. Residents were so upset about the chip seal a couple years ago and now they are fixing it like we all wanted. ‘Tis the season for construction. I’m thankful it’s all getting done, even if it’s all happening simultaneously.

  4. Not about to actually complain but I wonder why there will be signal lights rather than roundabout as suggested now in the survey concerning the transportation master plan. This will come back for a do over as the transportation master plan wants roundabouts everywhere

  5. …..and you want to wait for school buses leaving and entering that area with traffic signals? The shell, and McDonald and others business will be put out.

  6. Meh as much as its a pain we need it all done. People will always find something to be grouchy about lol. Just drive around the other way to get on hwy.

  7. Both these projects are necessary and are bringing a great deal of business to our little town. Many workers are purchasing gas, groceries, beverages and meals while here.
    So I’m thankful and gave no complaints for the short term inconveniences.

  8. Glad to see this is getting done! I’m wondering why the road crews aren’t working sun up to sun down and on weekends! There’s a very limited summer season here to get work done on highways i.e. the fiasco on Hwy 2 to St Albert that was stopped due to weather and apparently isn’t going to be completed! In my day, road crews made the most of good working time! Is this because the cost is cheaper if they just work 8 to 4? And so what if the weather turns sour and the work doesn’t get done? They tried! Times sure have changed!

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