Strategic Plan includes specific initiatives for councillors

by Colin Smith

The Town of Morinville has a new strategic plan for the next two years.
The 2020-2021 Strategic Plan approved by Council at its May 26 regular meeting is a “refreshed” version of one adopted in April of last year.

That was intended to set out the priorities, goal, and outcomes for Council’s term and provide direction for the Administration on its goals for the community.

In February 2020 Council went through a process, facilitated by consultants MNP LLP to refresh, align and focus priorities for the remainder of the its term. Those haven’t substantially changed, but the current plan focuses more directly on nine strategic priorities.

“I’m thrilled with the evolution of our process,” said Mayor Barry Turner. “I think the work we’ve done has been great and identifies a pretty clear road map for the community to move forward.”

Council also adopted the Council Strategic Priority Sponsor Policy, which provides for the new role of Council Sponsor.

Councillors are appointed to act as Council Sponsors for each of the strategic priorities. They will work with the Administration on moving the priority forward and advocate for and report on the initiative at Council meetings.

For each priority up to three Councillors may be appointed as sponsors, and through the appointment term their roles may include liaison, advisor, and advocate.

The exception is the strategic priority of delivering a three-year operating budget, which will be looked after by all councillors.

“I’m excited about this because it’s going to give us all the opportunity to keep all of these plans right on the table,” said Councillor Stephen Dafoe. “So we don’t forget about them and so we make some traction instead of kicking the ball down the road and looking at them next year.”

The next step is for the Administration to prepare draft terms of reference for each of the strategic priorities, in consultation with assigned Council Sponsors.

It will regularly report on the delivery of strategic priorities and also aims to put out strategic planning messages on social media platforms.

The nine strategic priorities and their Council Sponsors are:

1. Increase non-residential tax base: Barry Turner, Lawrence Giffin, Scott Richardson.

2. Pursue collaboration opportunities with regional partners: Barry Turner, Nicole Boutestein, Stephen Dafoe.

3.Create opportunities to bring residents together: Stephen Dafoe, Sarah Hall, Scott Richardson.

4. Increase effectiveness of resident engagement through public education, communication and consultation: Barry Turner, Rebecca Balanko, Sarah Hall.

5. Develop an asset management program: Lawrence Giffin, Nicole Boutestein, Stephen Dafoe.

6. Optimize utilization of municipal facilities: Nicole Boutestein, Stephen Dafoe, Sarah Hall.

7. Support a sustainable social services community sector in Morinville: Rebecca Balanko, Nicole Boutestein, Sarah Hall.

8. Deliver a three-year operating budget: All Councillors.

9. Increase community safety and promote crime prevention: Lawrence Giffin, Rebecca Balanko, Scott Richardson.

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