Column: Tick checklist: How to avoid a bite on your next outdoor adventure

(NC) Canadians are born explorers. With most of us cooped up at home due to physical distancing guidelines, warmer weather can now mean it’s time to head outside. Fortunately, we have endless kilometres of land to explore across our beautiful nation, but our next escape can even be as close as our own backyards. Here are some tips to reclaim the outdoors while staying safe: […]


Alberta COVID-19 Update May 11

Alberta reported another 47 cases of COVID-19 on Monday, bringing the total provincial cases to date to 6,300. Of that number, 4,659 (74%) Albertans have recovered, and 117 (1.85%) have died, leaving 1,524 recorded active cases in Alberta. There are currently 73 in hospital, 12 of those in intensive care units. […]


UCP roll out student transportation task force

Alberta’s UCP government was struck a task force to provide recommendations to the government on the future of student transportation across the province. The UCP says the focus will be on a number of issues, including student safety, costs, eligibility, partner collaboration and the responsibilities of school authorities and industry partners.


COLUMN: Protecting yourself from fraud during COVID-19

(NC) Safeguarding against scams can be a challenge. This is especially true during difficult periods like we are experiencing now. The COVID-19 pandemic is creating a lot of uncertainty and worry – the very things that fraudsters thrive on. […]