Letter: Sturgeon Hockey Club holding virtual AGM June 17

Our annual AGM is an opportunity for SHC to present our annual report, elect directors to our committees, and most importantly connect with all of the valued members of our Association.

Please read the following information from our Executive regarding our upcoming virtual AGM:

Sturgeon Hockey Club (SHC) Annual General Meeting Notification
Date: June 17, 2020

Time: 7:00 PM

Location: Virtual (Zoom Webinar)

A link to attend this meeting was sent out to all 2019-2020 SHC members via email to pre-register before June 17, 2020. You must pre-register for this AGM in advance. If you are an SHC member and did not receive an email invite, please contact Amber Gagnon at communicationsdirector@sturgeonhockeyclub.com.

*Please note, election results will be presented at the AGM. SHC made a call for nominations in May for Executive and Hockey Operations Committee positions. Some Executive roles only received one nomination, therefore those candidates will be voted in by acclamation. SHC will accept nominations and poll members to vote in candidates for any positions that still remain vacant. In the event that there are no submissions for open positions, the current Executive will seek nominations during the AGM.

**AGM agenda, reports, nominations and additional information will be posted here on our website and sent via email one week prior to the meeting.

Sturgeon Hockey Club

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