Lieutenant Governor tours Legal’s murals

by Lucie Roy

Her Honour, the Honourable Lois E. Mitchell, CM, AOE, LLD, Lieutenant Governor of Alberta and her spouse His Honour, Douglas Mitchell, CM, AOE, QC, LLD were in Legal on Tuesday.

Legal, established in 1894 as a francophone community is known as the French Mural Capital of Canada and they met up with Mayor and Council for a tour of some of the 40 plus murals in town.
In attendance were Mayor Carol Tremblay, Deputy Mayor Annette Hammond and Councillors Trina Jones and Fred Malott.

Providing the tour with historical highlights was Ernest Chauvet, a coordinator with the Societe Touristique Centralta Tourism Society of Alberta and assisting him was his wife Lorretta.
Also in attendance at Ecole Citadelle for the Grey Nuns mural was artist Jacques Martel and School Director Lisa Magera.

Some of the toured murals included the monument as a symbol of Canadian unity, seen on the road to Legal, Louis Riel, Irish Immigration, the Oblates, George Bugnet, Chauvet and Cyr families, Grey Nuns, newly redone 4-H mural, Father Morin, Romeo Dallaire and the UN’s Peace Keeping Forces in Rwanda.

Due to time constraints, not all could be toured with historical highlights provided.

Mayor Tremblay was presented with bilingual versions of the book, Lucy Tries Hockey and Lucy Tries Short Track by Lisa Bowes to be shared with the youth in the community.

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