Town ready to commence playground construction

submitted by the Town of Morinville

As approved in the 2020 Capital budget, The Town of Morinville will begin the implementation of the playground replacement plan later this month.

The current plan includes the following timeline:

August 17 – Rotary Park, Ray McDonald Sports Center Playground and Belle Park will be closed to the public.

August 18 – Crews will begin demolition of existing playground equipment and site rehabilitation.

September 2 – Commencement of Rotary Park playground equipment installation.

September 9 – Commencement of Ray McDonald Sports Center Playground equipment installation.

Anticipated re-opening for both playgrounds is mid-September. The new Ray McDonald Sports Center Playground will fully accessible – the first playground of its kind in the Town of Morinville.

Belle Park will remain closed at this time. Additional playground upgrades, as approved in the capital budget, will take place in 2021.

It is recommended to not visit these park locations while they are under construction. Please note that this timeline is subject to change.

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