Letter: Questions about province’s plans on nuclear power

I am by no means an expert on nuclear power, and even less knowledgeable about modular nuclear power.

I have questions, that I hope will be answered by those that are. It is my understanding that our MLA is on the team overseeing electrical energy. We all need to ask him questions.

Was there debate in the legislature regarding persuing this?

Will the ministers make available ALL incident report histories from existing, and closed plants?

What safeguards will there be in remote areas against wildfires?

In discussions regarding supplying power for oilsands, is there any catastrophic situation that would destroy our access to the resource?

What is the feedback from the bands that will live with these in their backyard?

Based on hacks to CRA, a federal government allowing a Chinese government company to install 5G, failure of current federal and provincial “state of the art” tracing “technology”, (not to mention a push to defund police/security resources), what would you say to the public that would allow them to sleep at night?

These are just a few of my questions. I am hoping the government makes a “town hall” website available for questions from the public.

While not categorically opposed to this, I will not accept answers like “ experts assure us”. Experts is often the name given to the salespeople who profit from this.

I will not accept “new technologies” We cannot do a 50/50 for a hockey game or have Canadians apply online for service without creating days of the week access with “new technologies.”

And having helped carry a co-worker’s body from the plant after a gas explosion, I know the computer tried continuously to close the valve prior to the explosion. Technology does not compensate for undetected flaws in manufacture.

Even rocket scientists contend with material and mechanical failure.

Alan Otway