Alberta RCMP gives businesses tips for ATM security

by Stephen Dafoe

With more than 5500 break-and-enters at Alberta businesses last year, the RCMP is providing tips on avoiding break-and-enters with a focus on ATM thefts. Thirty-percent of the break-and-enters occurred in the months of July (500), August (almost 550) and September (600). That number includes approximately 40 ATM thefts and more than 40 attempts. September to November of 2019 saw the highest number of ATM attempts. The first seven months of 2020 have seen more than 2800 break-and-enters to business, on par with 2019.

RCMP are reminding businesses of their belief that Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) can help prevent break-and-enters as well as reduce ATM thefts.

They offer the following tips.

  • Keep the ATM in an area of away from the front of the store (to deter vehicle ramming), but in an area where staff can see all activity around it.
  • Ensure ATM is fastened to make it more difficult to remove.
  • Have appropriate signage around the ATM stating that it is being monitored by video surveillance.
  • Ensure ATM has a GPS tracking device and familiarize yourself with the system.
  • Install an alarm system on the ATM.
  • Install bollards in front of business to prevent vehicle ramming.

Alberta RCMP are using #SaferBusiness on their social media during September to provide more information about how to keep businesses and ATMs safe. You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook at @RCMPAlberta.

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