RCMP reminding Albertans of traffic safety as students return to school

by Stephen Dafoe

As students return to school for the first time in six months, the Alberta RCMP are encouraging Albertans to keep safety top of mind. They are hoping pedestrians, motorists and cyclists will all do their part.

“Roads are expected to become busier with the start of the school year,” said Alberta Traffic Sheriffs Superintendent Rick Gardner. “With more traffic and children on our roads, we ask that Albertans be mindful of the increased risks and practice safe driving.”

Alberta RCMP reminds motorists of the following:

• Pay attention to posted speed limits, especially when entering a school or playground zone. Slows speeds can improve your reaction time.

• When a school bus is flashing its alternating red lights, stop and do not pass. Children may be on or off-loading.

• Share the road with cyclists. Be patient when following and provide extra space when passing.

• When pedestrians are crossing the street, come to a complete stop and do not block the crosswalk with your vehicle. Ensure pedestrians have cleared the road before proceeding.

• Always follow the direction of crossing guards. Crossing guards are there to keep children safe.

• Look out for children, especially during school operating hours. Kids can easily become distracted and unaware of their surroundings.

“As students head back to school, we encourage all road users to exercise caution,” said Alberta RCMP Traffic Services Superintendent Gary Graham. “Slowing down, staying alert, and sharing the road responsibly can significantly reduce the risk of accidents or serious injuries.”

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