Museum shows off its Model A Ford virtually

Above: The first of four virtual museum exhibits at the Musée Morinville Museum premiered Friday, Sept. 4. A new exhibit video will run each Friday on their website at

submitted by the Musée Morinville Museum

The Model A Ford came off Henry Ford’s assembly line from 1927 to 1931, replacing the well-known Model T, which had an 18-year run.

Although Ford began building the new model in October of 1927, the car was introduced to the buying public in December of that year, making the Model A a 1928 vehicle.

The Musee Morinville Museum has one of these prized vehicles as a feature attraction.

This 1928 Model A Ford was donated to the Morinville Historical and Cultural Society in memory of the late Roger C. Champagne by his dear with Lorette.

It took seven years of Roger’s labour to restore the car to its original state.

Since its restoration, Roger was the only one ever to drive the car. It has appeared in local parades, used for weddings and anniversaries, and even appeared in a television commercial.

The car was donated to the Morinville Historical and Cultural Society in 1995 and housed in the museum’s original location.

The Reynolds-Alberta Museum had the car for a time to be enjoyed by their museum visitors while the Morinville Museum was having its new location built.

When the Mussee Morinville Museum went to its new location, volunteers worked hard to get the Model A Ford put into its place in its new permanent home.

Accompanying the exhibit are several automotive signs and a collection of oil products on loan to the museum for the featured display.

Today, Roger Champagne’s pride and joy Model A Ford serves as a legacy to Morinville’s citizens in his memory.

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