Morinville wins AUMA’s Dedicated Senior Team Award


The Town of Morinville’s Senior Leadership Team was recently announced by the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) as the recipient of the 2020 Dedicated Senior Team Award.

The Dedicated Senior Team Award “recognizes an outstanding municipal team that demonstrates service excellence and dedication to municipal government” through a combination of the following: leadership, policy development, Council relations, human resources management, financial management, long-term strategic planning, project planning and implementation, community relations, professional development, and integrity. The award is co-sponsored by AUMA and the Society of Local Government Managers (SLGM).

“During our Council term, significant changes to the Senior Leadership Team has resulted in us collectively “upping-our-game”. Our Administration has delivered in spades over the last year. This award signifies the organization moving to the next level and in so, moving the community forward,” says Mayor Barry Turner. “Significant accomplishments have included the opening of the Morinville Leisure Centre as well as the approval of the Transportation Master Plan and the Debt Management Policy, to name a few. The Senior Leadership Team is extremely collaborative and knowledgeable on any issue, regardless of which department has the lead role in implementation and their dedication to Morinville is appreciated.”

“On behalf of the Leadership Team, I am honoured to receive this award and to be recognized by the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association and the Society of Local Government Managers,” said Stephane Labonne, Chief Administrative Officer. “This award demonstrates the commitment and passion our Team brings to providing the quality programs and services that our residents and businesses have come to expect each and every day.”

Morinville’s Senior Leadership Team (photo attached) includes (left to right): Chief Administrative Officer, Stephane Labonne, General Manager of Community and Infrastructure Services, Iain Bushell, Director of Corporate Services, Shawna Jason, and Director of Planning and Economic Development, Brad White.

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