Alberta announces its Natural Gas Vision and Strategy

by Stephen Dafoe

The Government of Alberta announced its Natural Gas Vision and Strategy Tuesday, calling it “a key part of Alberta’s Recovery Plan.”

The strategy involves hydrogen exports, petrochemical manufacturing, liquified natural gas (LNG) a circular economy for plastics, and increasing industrial demand. The fie areas are all efforts the government says fits its vision to “revive Alberta’s natural gas sector and become the No. 1 supplier of clean, secure, responsibly sourced natural gas in Canada and internationally.”

The province’s goal for hydrogen is to have global exports of hydrogen and hydrogen products in place by 2040. The vision also sees Alberta being a global top 10 producer of petrochemicals and diversifies the portfolio of products manufactured. With LNG, the province is looking to ensure LNG has two to three additional large-scale LNG projects by 2030 with access to Asian and European markets. The government’s strategy would also see Alberta as the Western North America centre of excellence for plastics recycling by 2030. The UCP see demand for natural gas and natural gas liquids as something that grows with increased investment in natural gas processing infrastructure.

“This plan outlines exciting new opportunities for Alberta job creators and workers,” Premier Jason Kenney said in a media release Tuesday. “We will meet growing global demands for clean and sustainable energy by building on Alberta’s success in natural gas. Alberta is ready to lead in safe, clean and reliable energy today and into the future. This is a key part of Alberta’s Recovery Plan, designed to build, to diversify, and to create tens of thousands of jobs.”

Associate Minister of Natural Gas and Electricity, Morinville-St. Albert MLA Dale Nally said Alberta’s 300-year supply of affordable natural gas provides significant opportunity to attract investment and job creators back to the province.

“Our strategy builds on Alberta’s strengths and taps into new and exciting areas of our natural gas sector. Through this plan we will support a healthier future for Albertans and people around the world,” Nally said.

The NDP were quick to label the UCP vision as more talk with no action on hydrogen.
“Today’s announcement marks yet another Jason Kenney-backed plan to make a plan. Let’s also not forget that it was Jason Kenney who cut $1.5 billion from the Petrochemical Diversification Plan put forward by Rachel Notley — that plan was projected to created 70,000 direct jobs and $75 billion in private sector investment,” said Alberta NDP Energy Critic Irfan Sabir, adding there is a real potential for hydrogen in Alberta.

“This Premier, however, doesn’t take action, he stands at podiums in fields and talks a big game about pretending to support industry as thousands of jobs are lost every week under his watch.”

Further details on the UCP Natural Gas Vision & Strategy can be found at

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