Letter: New Live Air Quality Data Interactive Map Launched

Fort Air Partnership (FAP) has just launched a new Live Air Quality Data site. It features an interactive map that enables users to access hourly measurements in near real time from any of the local Airshed’s 10 continuous ambient air monitoring stations, as well as monthly results from its 16 passive monitors.

This new version is fast and easy to use. The interactive map provides pop-up legends showing the substances that each of FAP’s continuous stations and passive sites monitor.

For continuous stations, selecting a substance or meteorological parameter will produce a chart. Users can then choose to see daily, weekly or monthly results from that location for up to three months previous to the current date. Selecting a substance for a passive monitor will show monthly results for up to one year. Users are able to see how results compare to one-hour provincial objectives for substances where an objective exists.

FAP monitors for 19 substances in the Airshed. Thirteen of those substances have Alberta Ambient Air Quality Objectives. Continuous air monitoring stations also track several weather conditions like temperature, wind direction, wind speed, relative humidity and barometric pressure.

The Live Air Quality Data site with interactive map is available at fortair.org.

Fort Air Partnership

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