Province ditching license plate stickers and painted plates

by Stephen Dafoe

The Government of Alberta expects to save $1.2 million a year by getting rid of plate renewal stickers starting in January, and painted license plates in the fall of 2021. Alberta will move to a high-resolution reflective license plate, the government says is easier for automated plate readers to scan. These new style plates already exist in the province’s Flames, Oilers and Veterans plates.

Stickers will not be required starting in January for the first time since they were introduced in 1974.

“Alberta’s government has been looking for ways to improve and modernize the delivery of registry services for Albertans,” said Minister of Service Alberta Nate Glubish. “By moving to reflective licence plates, expiry stickers become redundant and outdated. This common-sense change cuts red tape, aligns Alberta with other Canadian provinces, and saves taxpayers money.”

Alberta will transition to the high-definition reflective licence plates in the fall of 2021 when they will be issued from that point on after the inventory of painted licence plates runs out in the fall.

Vehicle owners will not have to exchange their painted plates for the new ones, but will still need to renew their vehicle registration on time, and will still need to keep a valid registration certificate with them.

Electronic renewal notices can be set up through a registry agent, the Alberta Motor Association, or MyAlberta eServices.

Stickers will still be required for farm vehicles and prorated commercial vehicles participating in the International Registration Plan.

Quebec, Saskatchawan, Manitoba nad the North West Territories have all done away with plate stickers.

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  1. Bullshit, it’s just another way to track the public and give those loser mall cops something to do besides Jack off.

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