Letter: Parent concerned with drives passing stopped school buses

I am writing in hope that you are able to send a reminder out to drivers emphasizing laws regarding stopping for the school buses. My children catch the bus that stops at the Church on the corner of Morinville Drive. On 5 separate occasions in the last 2 months vehicles have passed the bus while the kids are boarding the bus in the morning at 08:10 with its lights flashing and stop are out. These vehicles have all turned into to Notre Dame school parking lot. This morning it was Black ford F150 that blew past the bus, and pulled into the school and dropped off their child.

MPS 7 is the bus, and the driver will be able to give many more examples from this street as she blasts her horn at every one of them.

There have been even more cases of vehicles not stopping while the bus is unloading at 15:26 at the end of the day.

We have contacted the peace officers, our school, the sturgeon county transportation supervisor to report the consistent issue.

I am at this point pleading for help from everyone I can before one of these kids gets hit

Please Help!

Stacey Savage

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  1. Cannot fine or otherwise charge people who are not caught. Who is willing to or going to pay for cameras on the buses front and back? Same mentality at red lights, crosswalks and drivers texting. People do not pay attention to driving plain and simple. No one is held accountable. Why would the pattern change? The only enforcement that regularly catches drivers ignoring the road are despised by people and the government (cameras).

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