Letter: Red Jeep Santa thanks the community

Can you tell everyone who came out to wave to us and thank us that we appreciate it them so much.

We didn’t finish until 7:30 and did our absolute best to go down every small road and are extremely sorry if we missed anyone.

But as frozen as I was by the end of it, every time I saw a smiling child and they told me what they wanted I forgot about the cold.

Everyone said thank you to us but it was truly rewarding to know that we made so many kids smile and we thank everyone who waited for us for that.

Next year might have to be a two day ordeal to make sure no one is missed.

Matt Dufour

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  1. A wonderful gesture! BUT, I missed it, unfortunately. I would have taken a few photos and created a painting Next year perhaps . . .

    Thank you for spreading this special kind of joy!

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