Santa made his pre-Christmas rounds through Morinville in a red jeep

Above: Bryson, Caleb and Keaton Bayes with Santa. – Lucie Roy photos

by Lucie Roy
with files from Stephen Dafoe

Christmas Spirit was alive in Morinville on Sunday with people hearing the music playing as Santa was being driven in a red jeep down the street to waving at the kids. Some people ran out of their homes to catch a glimpse of the man in red.

When it was safe to do so, Santa took the opportunity to park on the side of the road and have a few photos with the kids and hand out candy canes.

Siblings Bryson, Caleb and Keaton Bayes and their mom ran down to meet Santa and have their photo taken.

Isabella Montpetit was happy to see Santa and receive a candy cane.

They were also accepting food bank donations and letters for Santa.

Santa’s location and from where he just left was carefully updated on a Facebook site with many hoping to see him.

This Facebook thread, which grew and grew with every response, engaged many community members in a quest for “Where is Santa?”

Organizer Matt Dufour told Morinville Online his wife pulled on his heart strings when she came up with the idea that everyone could all use some Christmas spirit, especially the kids who didn’t get to see Santa. “Having a two-year-old myself makes me feel for all the kids that need to keep the believe in Santa,” Dufour said. “And now that we will be taking food bank donations that means a lot to not only be able to help with spirit during a hard time but to also help those who need it.”

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